Introduction for guitarists

LiveProfessor can also be used for guitar effects, making it easy to load different presets on the fly.

First you'll have to find your plugins and load them in to LiveProfessor. Next, route the your guitar to the plugin input and the plugin outputs to the sound card output (Or any other way way you like.)

Switching sounds

The key to switching sounds will be the cue lists. The cue list contains cues that fire one or more “cue-action” defined by you. So each cue can set LiveProfessor up in a different way. You can make the cues as complex or simple as you like.

You probably want to use a pedal board or other midi controller to control the cue list.
There are two ways to do this, you can make each pedal fire a different cue, one pedal pr. cue.

Alternatively you can have a pedal simply fire the next/previous cue in the list and step through it. (Someone compared this to a power point presentation). Or you can do a combination.

The individual triggers give you ultimate flexibility, but you are of course limited to the number of pedals or midi triggers you have. The “Go-Next” approach makes it easy to do more with less buttons, but it requires that you pre-program you set.

See this page for help to set up the triggers.

What actions to put in the cues

There are many ways to do this, play with it to figure out what works best for you.
A simple example; let's say you use one plugin, and just want to change it's settings on to create your sounds.
Create a Plugin Snapshot on that plugin for each sound you want.
Drag the snapshots to the cue lists to create a cue for each snapshot that recalls the settings.

If you use more than one plugin, you could route your guitar to both plugins at the same time, create snapshots for each plugin. Then in each cue also create actions to turn the plugins on/off as needed or simply set their output gain. The latter gives you the option to fade between them using the cue actions fade times.

A third option is to use Global Snapshots. These snapshots contain almost all project settings (Routing, window layout, etc). If you have complex setups this is a quick way to jump between them. The down side is that the switching might not be as seamless as it will recall more than strictly necessary. (Al though there is a way to get around this using Global Snapshot Filters)

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